First Time Cruising With A Guide Dog

PTGDU president Pauline Lamontagne reports on her January 2010 Caribbean cruise and offers practical advice for first-time guide dog team cruisers.

What To Do On A Rainy Day

PTGDU member Bobbi LaChance reports on her October 2009 presentation about guide dogs to students at the Poland Spings Academy.

Hope Paulos Interview

PTGDU member discusses her February 2008 half marathon on ACB Radio's "Blind Like Me" show with host Phil Parr.

The Seeing Eye

Most people have heard of The Seeing Eye, the first dog guide school in the United States.  But before it was a school, "The Seeing Eye" was the name of an article written by Dorothy Harrison Eustis that appeared in the Saturday Evening Post on November 5, 1927.

Dash and Me

Andrew Potok is an artist, author and advocate for persons with disabilities who lives in Montpellier, Vermont.  In the story of "Dash and Me", he describes his experiences in getting adjusted to working and living with his first guide Dash.

The Harnessing of Love

Sue Martin was a founding member of the PTGDU and has authored several stories that focus on the joys and trials of  working and living with dog guides.  In "The Harnessing of  Love", Sue writes about her guide Quoddy.

The Different Faces of Retirement

Quoddy was Sue's second dog guide.  In "The Different Faces of Retirement", Sue discusses the decisions to retire both Quoddy and her first guide, Sadie.

Quoddy in Retirement

In "Quoddy in Retirement", Sue Martin tells the story of Quoddy's life and passing after retiring as a working guide.


In "Beverly", Sue writes about learning to work with her third guide. 

From Cane to Guide Dog

PTGDU member Anja Geleney tells why she decided to get a guide dog after years of using a cane.

Beverly Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

In "Beverly Crosses the Rainbow Bridge", Sue Martin writes about her third guide's passing.

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