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The mission of Pine Tree Guide Dog Users is to promote complete acceptance of guide dog teams in all aspects of life.

Events in 2019

November, 2019 Quarterly Meeting Agenda

The Quarterly Meeting of the Pine Tree Guide Dog Users will be held at The Woods at 257 Canco Road, in Portland, Maine on Saturday, November second. The meeting will run from ten a.m. until one thirty p.m. or when business is concluded. The room will be available at nine thirty.

Those who wish to attend telephonically can do so by dialing into Free Conference Call. The telephone number is (712) 770-4598. The access code is 688763#.
To join from a web browser, use the link Select join conference, enter your name and email address and select join.
For those who have the Free Conference Calling application on their tablet, laptop or desktop, you can also login by joining a conference, adding your name and email address as well as the session name of nera2.
Both the browser and FreeConferenceCalling application require that speakers be attached to the computer to listen and a microphone to participate.
Please remember to introduce yourself.

Old Business
   1. Welcome and introductions
Final reminder. If you haven't yet sent your annual dues of twenty dollars to Cheryl Peabody, please bring either cash or a check to the meeting.
   2. Review of May, 2019 and August, 2019 meeting notes - Bruce
   3. Review of treasurers reports for May 1, 2019 - July 31, 2019 and August 1, 2019 - October 31, 2019 - Cheryl
   4. Subcommittee reports
      a. Membership including Outreach - Bruce
      b. White Cane Safety Walk (Blind Equality Day) - Bruce
      c. Fund raising - Bruce
      d. Budget - Cheryl
      e. Constitution and Bylaws - Lynn
      f. Scholarships - Gil
      g. Nominations committee and elections- Bruce
Both one year board positions (Leona and vacant) and one two year board position (Patti) are up for election.
      h. Pine Tree clothing and other options for marketing - Bruce
      i. Web and Publicity - Bruce
   5. Paypal discussion - Lynn, Cheryl and Bruce
   6. ACB of Maine updates - Cheryl, Lynn and others
   7. GDUI Updates
   8. GDUI Affiliates - Pauline
   9. GDUI November board meeting
  10. Other

New Business
   1. February first, 2020 teleconference call
Other dates for 2020 would be May second, August first and November seventh
   2. Future transportation needs and options
   3. Announcements
   4. Other
   5. Adjourn

August, 2019 quarterly meeting agenda

Old Business:
   1. Welcome and Introductions
   2. Minutes from May 5, 2019 PTGDU business meeting
   3. Treasurer's report (Cheryl is out-of-state and her report was prepared but is stuck in her out box)
   4. Subcommittee reports
      a. Membership (including outreach)
      b. White Cane Safety Walk
      c. Fundraising
      d. Budget
      e. Constitution and Bylaws
      f. Legislation/Regulations
      g. Pay Pal Discussion
      h. Web site
   5. Liaison to ACB of Maine
   6. Guide Dog Users Inc. (GDUI) updates
      a. election results
      b. National Convention
      c. Top Dog 2021 St. Louis, Missouri
   5. Other

New Business
   1. Nominations Committee
   2. PTGDU clothing
   3. LD re: emotional support animals
   4. Next scheduled meeting: Sat., Nov. 2, 2019
   5. Personal news
   6. Announcements
   7. Adjourn

May, 2019 business meeting agenda

   1. Minutes of February PTGDU teleconference
   2. Treasurers report
   3. subcommittee reports
      a. Proposed mission statement with discussion
      b. Membership with discussion
      c. White cane safety walk
      d. web and public relations
      e. budget
      f. legislation
      g. Creation of a fund raising committee GDUI updates
   4. elections-national convention

February, 2019 meeting minutes

In attendance:
Pauline Lamontagne - President
Lynn Merrill - First Vice President
Gilbert Whitmore - Second Vice President
Cheryl Peabody - Treasurer
Bruce Prindall - Secretary
Steve Lambert - Two year board member
Patty Sarchi - Two year board member
Old business
   1. Minutes from November 2018 meeting Bruce
Are being redone to exclude the August and May content and correcting changes to the Constitution and Bylaws and a note about the hotels in Rochester, New York for the GDUI convention.
   2. Treasurer's report Cheryl {November 2018 through January 2019}
Beginning balance$ 2,766.57
Postage$ 21.48Cost of mailing donations to GDUI auction
Membership Dues$ 300.00
Donation$ 30.00
Ending Balance$ 3,075.09
General Fund$ 2,373.09
Pat Ellis Fund$ 700.00
Brochure Fund$ 2.00
$ 3075.09
Motion to accept by Bruce with a second by Lynn - passed
   3. Membership update by Cheryl moved in lieu of committee reports
   4. Committee Reports {as of 02/02/2019}
      a. Constitution and bylaws Lynn - committee has not met except discussion of different dues structure for sixteen and seventeen year old members.
      b. Budget Cheryl - didn't meet | Discussion that we need to include the cost of Spring Fling, costs of annual filings and other expenses.
Steve will keep track of any items for which we need to raise funds
      c. Mission statement - Steve - committee has met and discussed. Will submit refined Mission Statement for approval. A copy of the proposed statement will be sent before the May Spring Fling
      d. Public Relations, Outreach, and Web - Bruce - Got listings to be put in a database.
Discussion of getting puppy raisers more involved - underway. Thank you Pauline! Notes of the suggestions of the committee will be sent before the Spring Fling
      e. Spring Fling Committee - There was a discussion of the various venues investigated including costs. Lynn motioned to contract with the Senator Inn and deliver the deposit check. Seconded by Cheryl. This is pending Pauline's reading, approval and signature of the contract. Passed.
      f. Membership and recruitment - Notes to be sent prior to Spring Fling.
   5. Activated the scholarship committee with Gil as chair.
   6. Activate a Fund Raising committee. Bruce and Steve volunteered. No meeting yet.
Should develop a budget for next year so that Steve can see if there are any grants or other funds available.
   7. Legislative committee. Mention of a bill to be entered in the State to add reporting requirements and penalty for not reporting attacks against guide dogs. This was to be submitted by Matt Pouliot but no report on whether this has occurred. No report on Air Traffic rules regarding service animals and emotional support animals yet.
   8. White Cane Safety Day and Walk. Cheryl to contact Chris Boynton to see about using the State of Maine Library. Bruce added Janet Mills email address so he can contact her along with the new City of Augusta mayor and board for proclamations.
   9. Status of filing reports to the IRS, secretary of state‘s office, and other Bruce, Cheryl, and Pauline
We are currently up to date on all State and Federal filing requirements.

New Business
   1. Update regarding ACB of Maine
Convention held at the Senator Inn in Augusta
   2. There is a vacancy in one of the one year term PTGDU Board of Directors
No takers
   3. Discussion of moving meeting day and time to see if it helps attendance.
   4. GDUI updates
      a. Advocacy committee - dealing with emotional support dogs as opposed to service animals. {Charley Crawford is chair nationally}. There were a couple examples of what he has done.
      b. ACB and GDUI National conventions in Rochester. The GDUI part is July seventh through July tenth. If you aren't receiving notifications from GDUI about events, please let me know.
      c. GDUI board meeting on January 26, 2019 at 1 P. M. Recording is available.
      d. The upcoming GDUI Board of Director elections upcoming at the end of May. There will be a couple candidates nights and a couple of board positions are available.
   5. SRC update Cheryl
Bur. of Rehab Services and Div. of Procurement Services have issued an Request For Proposal regarding employment services. Problems with the RFP have been addressed by Cheryl but no response from DOL.
   6. Discussion by Pauline and Bruce on the process of State and Federal government processes to attain 501(c)(3) status for an article submitted to Paw Tracks.
   7. Announcements
   8. Other
Steve requested that Pauline let him know what the conference ID is for the PTGDU Free Conference Call.
   9. Adjournment
Moved by Patty and seconded by Bruce to adjourn. Passed


Pine Tree Guide Dog Users (P T G D U) is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote the well-being of dog guide users in Maine. Founded in 1997 with some financial support from the American Council of the Blind of Maine and a lot of energy and hard work from our founding members, P T G D U includes folks who are dog guide handlers, folks who raise puppies destined to become dog guides, and folks who are interested in working dogs of all kinds.

Pine Tree Guide Dog Users is an affiliate of the American Council of the Blind, the American Council of the Blind, and of the Guide Dog Users, Inc.


The Pine Tree Guide Dog Users hold quarterly meetings in various locations in Maine. Meetings are scheduled on the first Saturday of February, May, August, and November. Meetings generally consist of a luncheon with a guest speaker followed by a business meeting. All members of P T G D U are encouraged to attend our meetings. If you have an issue that you would like to discuss, please contact our President, Pauline Lamontagne, at


Our members come from throughout the State of Maine and their dog guides have trained at a number of the many dog guide schools located in the United States. Here are some of the schools at which our P T G D U members have trained:


Guide Dogs of America

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Guide Dog Foundation

Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Southeastern Guide Dogs

The Seeing Eye


So, what's it like to work and live with a dog guide? Read the writings of some of our members and others on this subject.


Find links to all sorts of information about guide dogs on this page.


Find links to all sorts of information about resources for people with disabilities on this page.


Show off the Pine Tree Guide Dog Users (P T G D U) logo!

Our yellow lab in harness printed over the state of Maine looks great on our high quality tee's and sweat shirts! P T G D U T-shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton:
Adult sizes $15 (S, M, L, XL); Childrens size $13 (M, L)

P T G D U Sweat shirts are heavy duty 50% cotton-50% polyester:
Available in adult sizes only $25 (M, L, XL)

(All prices include shipping and handling)

To order, send check or money order payable to Pine Tree Guide Dog Users to:

Cheryl Peabody
Six Lee Street
Winslow, Maine 04901-7251

For additional information, send Bruce an email.


If you live in Maine and are interested in raising a puppy destined to become a guide dog, you can contact Pat Webber at 207-338-5520 or

Directions to Dunkin' Donuts in Augusta, Maine

For those arriving via the Maine Turnpike / Route 95, take exit 109A. After both exits merge, stay to the right to go east onto Western Avenue / Route 202. Continue for roughly one and a half miles. Just after your sixth traffic light Sewall Street, Dunkin' Donuts is on the right. DD.'s tel no.: 207 622 3667
For those arriving via State Street OR west via Route 202, take the Western Avenue exit and Dunkin Donuts will be visible on your left about one tenth of a mile up. There is a short side street between Domino's Pizza and Dunkin' Donuts with parking near the drive through. The rear entrance has two sets of double doors, both opening to the right as you enter. Immediately after the second door, the bathrooms are on the left. The ladies room is to the left and the men's to the right. The meeting room is on the left about six feet after the bathroom area.
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